MOROYAMA TOWN Disaster Prevention map (毛呂山町防災マップ 英語版)

The hazard maps of earthquake , landslide disaster and flood damage are put to together in one booklet.

We have made an English version. Please make use of it.


 Front cover ・ Household memo of ”Disaster management and emergency informaiton”


 Contents ・ 5Level of Alert ・ Judgment Flow


 My Timeline(Action Plan in Preparation for Flood)


 Measures against Storm and Flood Disasters


 Measures against Landslide Disaster


 General Index Map(Flood Hazard Map)  PDF6(12MB)
 Detailed Maps 1  PDF7(11MB)
 Detailed Maps 2  PDF8(12MB)

 Detailed Maps 3

 Detailed Maps 4  PDF10(13MB)
 Lake Kamakita ・ Lake Minowada(Reservoir Hazard Map)  PDF11(9MB)
 Measures against Earthquake  PDF12(9MB)
 Seismic Susceptibility Map ・ Liquefaction Risk Map  PDF13(10MB)
 Building Collapse Risk Map ・ Household Safety Maesures  PDF14(9MB)
 Fire Safety ・ Lightning ・ Tornado Safety  PDF15(9MB)
 Infectious Disease Safety ・ Protecy Your Region with Disaster Prevention Organization  PDF16(8MB)
 List of Shelters・Tips for Living in Shelters  PDF17(7MB)
 Communicating Information inTimesof Disaster ・ Things toTake with and Keep Stock for Emergency  PDF18(8MB)

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