Yabusame is a military art where a person discharges an arrow while riding on a running horse.



November 3(Culture Day)

March The second Sunday


Izumoiwai shrine

5-17-1,iwainishi moroyama-machi irumagun saitama-ken

Transportation The Tobu Tojo Line to Higashimoro Sta., and then walk 10 min.

The Hachiko Line to Moro Sta.,and then walk 5 min.















 As soon as a young boy appears wearing the traditional costume, the venue will be enveloped in a thick silence. As one enters the site lead by Kuchitori (a horsekeeper) and shoots an arrow from the back of the running horse, big cheers arise from the crowd. The horse riders perform by horsewhipping and paper fan,scattering rice cakes and oranges and receiving a lot of applauses.

 At Moroyama,Yabusame is held every spring on the second sunday of March and autumn on the 3rd of November.

 Its origin is said to be that Minamoto no yoriyoshi and yoshiie(father and son)expressed their deep gratitude to God for the victory won during the war in 1063.

 This is the only place in Saitama Prefecture where Yabusame is dedicated every year . Moroyama’s Yabusame boasts about its 950 years of history and was designated as a Prefectural Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2005.

 It is unusual in Japan to take young boys as the archer called Noriko. Noriko are selected among all male children whose family members were not involved in any mourning events. They work and train hard for the various ceremonies for 10 days.


Kuchitori(a horsekeeper)




The first arrow is shot.




 The rice cake is scattered.




The horse runs out.





Yabusame in autumn







  At Yabusame held in spring, a boy younger than seven years old plays the lead role. He wears a beautiful decorated hat and red battle surcoat is like a little warrior doll. This is a one-day festival and only one arrow is shot. Yabusame is held on a warm spring day and is one of the important annual events for people of Moroyama.

  Yabusame in spring




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