Telephone Number


Telephone numbers in Japan consist of an "Area Code" "Local Code" and "Subscriber Number." For example,the area code of Moroyama town office (049-295-2112) is 049. When you call another telephone number within the city, it is not necessary to dial the area code.


Public Telephones


Public telephones can be operated with either a coin (\10 or \100) or with a prepaid telephone card. If you use a \100 coin, you will not receive change even if your phone call is for only a short period. The gray public telephones with a sign that says "Telephone for International Calls" may be used for making international calls, using \100 coins or a prepaid telephone card.



For further information concerning domestic calls (NTT), contact:

NTT Information Service (English service available)

Tel: 03-5295-1010 (9am-5pm)