Water and Sewage Services

◆Water Supply

 Please direct any inquiries about water services to the Water Service Bureau in Moroyama Town. For waterworks that have not been in use for a long period of time, let the water run for awhile before using.


◆Application for Water Service

 When you wish to start using water or cancel water services because you are moving in or out, notify the Water Service Bureau in Moroyama Town.

 If the main valve is closed, water will not come out. Turn the valve to the left to loosen. If the water does not stop, shut the main valve by turning it to the right. Ask the designated neighborhood water service company for assistance.


water service company




 Akanuma Setubi Kougyou

 343-1 nagase,moroyama


 Atume Setubi

 411 maekubo,moroyama


 Itou Setubi

 453-5 ooyagi,moroyama



 3-12-3 tyuou,moroyama


 Kamakita Kensetu

 1041 morohongou,moroyama


 Kamimura Kengyou

 154 morohongou,moroyama


 Kouyu Setubi

 3-18-26 maekubominami,moroyama


 Saitama Rinku

 77-5 asahidai,moroyama


 Sekine Setubi Kougyou

 1006-9 shimogawara,moroyama


 Takahashi Denki

 3 morohongou,moroyama


 Tyuei Setubi Kougyousyo

 868-2 maekubo,moroyama


 Toguchi Kougyou

 321 nigabayashi,moroyama


 Hirosawa Setubi

 4-37-8 maekubominami,moroyama


 Hukuda Kensetu

 4-15-19 iwainishi,moroyama


 Murata Denkou

 870-3 kawakado,moroyama


 Moroyama Seisou

 522-1 oorui,moroyama


 Yoshikura Setubi Kougyou

 882-13 simogawara,moroyama



◆Water Bill

 Your water bill will be sent every two months. You should pay at the appropriate financial institutions (banks, credit associations, agricultural cooperatives, post offices or convenience stores). It is also possible to pay water bills by automatic bank transfer.

お問い合わせ Water Service Bureau, Moroyama Town
代表:049(295)2112   fax:049(295)0771
mail: suidou@town.moroyama.saitama.jp