◆Types of Gas Supply

 There are two types of gas supply - city gas and LPG (liquified petroleum gas) cylinders. It is dangerous to use a gas appliance that is not suited to the type of gas supply. When you buy a gas appliance, be sure to check that it uses the type of gas supplied to your home.


◆To Begin Using the Gas

 The gas line cannot be opened without professional assistance. When you move into your new home, you must either notify Musashino Gas if you use city gas, or a fuel company if you use propane gas.

Types of gas




city gas

Musashino Gas

2-10-1 maekubo,moroyama


propane gas


639-1 hirakataryouryouke,ageo


Sakado LPG

2148 kawakado,moroyama



◆Points to Remember

 ・When using gas, ventilate the room well. Always turn on the ventilator when using the small water heater. When using the stove, turn on the ventilator at least once every 30 minutes.

 ・Close the gas pipes when stepping out of the house or when going to sleep.

 ・Be careful about keeping the bath water boiler on for many hours, as this may cause a fire.

 ・If a gas leak occurs, using the ventilator or electricity may cause an explosion with its electrical sparks. Do not turn on the electricity.

 ・If you feel an earthquake, turn off all gas appliances and close the gas valve firmly.


◆If You Smell Gas

 If you use city gas, simply open your windows and doors to let the gas escape.

 Since propane gas is heavier than air, it tends to remain in low places and behind furniture and curtains. Open your windows and doors and sweep out the gas.

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