Points to Remember When Using Electricity

 The electric supply for Saitama Prefecture and the area of eastern Japan is 100v/50HZ. You should keep this in mind if you are moving into Moroyama from an area where the power or voltage is different, as some appliances need an adapter for proper use.


◆To Begin Using Electricity

 The electricity can be used as soon as you move into an apartment by simply turning on the breaker switch. Complete the application/notification postcard near the breaker with the necessary information, and mail it to the electric company.


  Points to Remember

 ・The ampere volume flowing through the line from the socket is 15 amperes. When you purchase large electric appliances that require more voltage, extra construction work may be necessary.

 ・Do not plug in multiple cords into one socket. Overloading the socket may overheat cords and outlets, and cause a fire.

 ・To prevent a power leakage, be sure to connect the ground wire for such appliances as refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioners.

 ・The circuit breaker switch may go off when too many electric appliances are being used at one time. Turn off some of the appliances that you are using before raising the circuit breaker switch. Your electricity will be restored.